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How to choose supermarket eas system [Bohang]

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How to choose supermarket eas system [Bohang]


Many people are considering the price and cost when considering the installation of supermarket eas systems, and often have not been exposed to related products, so the price is also very vague. No matter what the price of the goods is high or low, some low scary and high scary, for most people's choice is still not high or low cost-effective ordinary models, here also tell you about very low prices The price is a few hundred supermarket eas systems, too high price is five or six thousand supermarket eas systems, most of these European and American brands, but the brand strength is strong, product quality clearance. Today, let me briefly talk about how to choose the price of supermarket eas systems more affordable.


 Bohang supermarket eas system


1. ABS high-strength plastic supermarket eas system

The price of the supermarket eas system bracket with ABS plastic as the appearance material is about USD200-300. It does not include the installation cost. There is no difference in the materials used for the appearance. The most different is the price of each motherboard and coil. This is also the supermarket eas system. The core part of the machine, so the quality will vary from price to price.


Bohang supermarket eas system

2. supermarket eas system for transparent acrylic materials

This kind of supermarket eas system uses acrylic material as the appearance material and stainless steel as the base. The appearance will be much better than ABS plastic. The most important cost increase is also on the acrylic material, so the price ranges from USD 400 to USD 550, although both It is acrylic, but the material is also good and bad. Usually, the same acrylic is USD 100-200 higher than ABS plastic.

The most common supermarket eas system materials are usually these two kinds, and there is also an aluminum alloy material, but its use and appearance are not as good as these two, of course, the price is also very cheap, but few merchants currently install aluminum alloy, so Do not recommend everyone to buy.

Bohang supermarket eas system

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