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How to deal with the alarm of the supermarket anti-theft devices? [Bohang China]

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How to deal with the alarm of the supermarket anti-theft devices? [Bohang China]


In the process of shopping experience, consumers enjoy the freshness brought by various novel products. In the process of shopping in the supermarket, sometimes the supermarket anti-theft devices suddenly encounters an alarm for no reason. What should be done at this time? We all know that there are anti-theft security tags on all kinds of expensive goods. If the customer just happens to pass the security door, many businesses will start to be nervous. How to treat this situation rationally and politely is especially important.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft devices


First of all, we need time to help, avoid urgency and direct customer inspections. Because sometimes the consumer has paid the bill, but the cashier may have forgotten the degaussing process, so we need to be polite at this time, please ask the customer if they forget the degaussing, let the customer check it.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft devices


Another situation is that the supermarket anti-theft devices itself is disturbed by external conditions, such as the surrounding electromagnetic field or the interference of the electrical equipment. At this time, the customer can take the bag and go through the supermarket anti-theft devices. If there is no alarm at this time, this is definitely the case. It also shows that it is especially important to buy a good quality supermarket anti-theft devices. We need polite civilized terms, such as "sorry, delay your precious time."


The reason why the supermarket anti-theft devices generates such an alarm is basically the two reasons. Reasonable and rational treatment of this matter will leave a good impact on the customer and avoid the unwarranted loss of goods.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft devices

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