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How to distinguish between good and bad when buying clothing anti-theft devices

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How to distinguish between good and bad when buying clothing anti-theft devices



   When it comes to clothing security, I think everyone is familiar with it. When we go shopping, we can see some anti-theft antennas erected at the exit of the clothing. That is a burglar alarm. When a thief holds a product that does not use a scan code When passing through, it is said that a sound of a drop alarm is issued, and when the goods that have been paid in a normal manner pass through the checkout counter, the cashier will degauss the label on the goods, and the door alarm will not make a sound. I will tell you how to identify good and bad clothing anti-theft device.


   In order to reduce the loss of goods stolen, clothing will generally be affixed with an anti-theft tag on the goods that are easily stolen, so as to provide anti-theft protection and save manpower and material resources. Although the function of clothing anti-theft device is powerful, but in the face of so many brands of anti-theft devices on the market, how can we identify the equipment when it is purchased?

   First, pay attention to its effective detection rate when choosing clothing anti-theft devices.

   Because of the particularity of the articles in the clothing, both the soft labels and the hard labels are used in the labeling. Because the effective monitoring distances of the soft labels and the hard labels are different, it is necessary to test the effective detection rate of the clothing anti-theft device. Due to environmental factors, there will be some interference when the equipment is used. When an effective tag enters the monitoring area, the anti-theft antenna does not work properly and an alarm sounds. The installation distance will also affect the blind area. The effective distance of the soft label is relatively short. The recommended installation distance is 1.2m. During the installation, the installer must be tested repeatedly. If the rate of missed reports is too high, the installer needs to re-adjust the installation distance or the surrounding environment.

   Second, false alarm rate is the primary performance indicator to measure the entire clothing anti-theft device.

   False alarm is that all clothing anti-theft devices are unavoidable. There are many reasons why equipment misreports in normal operation. Actually, the cause of false positives depends largely on the performance of the machine itself. DSP digital signal processing system, the false alarm rate is particularly low. Some relatively inexpensive clothing anti-theft devices use analog signal processing methods to have a relatively low anti-jamming capability, which can easily lead to false alarms.

   Businesses choose to install clothing anti-theft device is a peace of mind, if because we ignore some important indicators in the purchase of the test, enough to buy the product can not really play the effect of anti-theft, then we buy the device what is the significance It! The Bo Hang Xiaobian taught us some techniques for buying clothing anti-theft devices, hoping to help those who need to buy goods.

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