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How to distinguish the quality of anti-theft hard tags[BOHANG CHINA]

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How to distinguish the quality of Anti-theft hard tags[BOHANG CHINA]

Anti-theft hard tags are an important part of the entire electronic anti-theft system.The performance of the anti-theft hard tags affects the performance of the entire anti-theft system.Some hard tags are susceptible to moisture; some cannot be bent; some hard tags can be easily concealed in the box of the product; some can cover useful explanatory text on the product and so on.

Anti theft hard tags (the main components of hard tags are locks and coils)

bohang anti-theft hard tags


Inferior anti theft hard tags:

It is an independent lock. Generally, manufacturers who make such independent locks will go to other manufacturers specializing in independent locks to take ready-made locks for processing.Because many independent lock manufacturers are small, the processing environment is relatively harsh.For the critical component of hard tags, the requirements of the lock are more demanding.It directly affects his future use, whether it can be unlocked smoothly and the life of the lock.

bohang anti-theft hard tags

In separate locks,we can often see,due to harsh processing environment,or use inferior rusty iron beads with excessive impurities in them,or it is rusted and stuck so that it cannot be unlocked and eventually damages the product.

2 coils:

This is the core component of the good and bad of the entire anti-theft system.The coil is actually an LC oscillation circuit.Inferior anti theft hard tags,in order to reduce the cost,the original copper wire will use copper-clad aluminum wire or directly use aluminum wire to reduce costs.Therefore, this anti theft hard tag is susceptible to moisture and oxidation, which affects its service life.

bohang anti-theft hard tags

In the process of anti theft hard tag processing, there will be a process to adhere the tag with an ultrasonic machine.This will have an instant high temperature.Inferior hard tags generally use plastic-clad wires, and the melting point of plastic is very low.Therefore, in the process of ultrasonic wave, the coil is easily melted and short-circuited, which directly affects the product yield.

bohang anti-theft hard tags

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