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How to do for the supermarket EAS system false alarm【Bohang】

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Now installing the supermarket EAS system has become the first consideration for many large supermarkets, but because of the different performance of the supermarket EAS system, many supermarket EAS system alarm events occur every year. Then how to do? Next, Bohang electronics will introduce it to everyone.

In response to this problem, the answer to the EAS system manufacture is: many products are attached with anti-theft tags, and the anti-theft tags are soft labels and hard tags. When the goods have magnetic anti-theft tags, the cashier need to remove the hard tags and degauss the soft labels, then the supermarket EAS system does not cause the false alarm. However, it should be noted that some anti-theft magnetic strips not only need to be decoded, but also need to be degaussed on the demagnetizing plate, otherwise there will be a loud alarm.


Therefore, it is recommended that supermarket retailers choose an overall product security system when selecting a supermarket EAS system. Do not choose some different types of anti-theft tags in order to select a high-quality supermarket EAS system, because they are a whole. Recommended to buy at a brand or factory.


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