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How to guard against theft in clothing stores

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How to guard against theft in clothing stores


 How to prevent clothing in clothing stores? In fact, this problem is not difficult to solve, and now more and more clothing stores have completely solved this problem by installing a clothing anti-theft eas system. Garment anti-theft system plays a very important role in the anti-theft of clothing stores. It has helped tens of thousands of clothing stores to solve the problem of stolen clothing and reduced many losses.

The composition of the clothing anti-theft eas system:

1, clothing supermarket alarm antennas + eas anti-theft hard tag + eas detacher

2, clothing supermarket alarm antennas+ eas anti-theft soft label + deactivator

Clothing anti-theft system workflow:

1. Install clothing security door at the entrance and exit of the clothing store.

2. Before the clothes are put on the shelves, the clothing anti-theft eas tags must be buckled on the clothes.

3. After the customer pays the bill, the cashier should unscrew or degauss the anti-theft tags on the clothes, so that the customer can get the clothes that have been paid through the clothing security alarm at the entrance.

4. When the unpaid clothes pass through the exit, the clothing security door at the entrance will give an alarm.

For some chain clothing stores, the loss of goods in the store should be a common thing, business owners can imagine, if you add the cost of lost clothes together, those funds can buy several clothing alarms. And the normal use of the clothing eas alarm system is 3-5 years. After installing the clothing anti-theft eas system, you can save the majority of personnel costs without using the "person-to-person" method as before.

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