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How to improve the effectiveness of the EAS anti-theft system [Bohang China]

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How to improve the effectiveness of the EAS anti-theft system [Bohang China]


Any device can use the right method to achieve good results, as well as commodity anti-theft devices. Proper use of the EAS anti-theft system can improve its efficiency and improve the performance of detection. EAS anti-theft system is affected by the environment, equipment performance, accessories, etc., thus affecting the effect of use, so today Bohang China will tell you how to improve the effect of EAS anti-theft system.


 Bohang EAS anti-theft system


1. In the process of using the EAS anti-theft system, the formulation of commodity arming standards is very important. This includes product types, paste positions, arming times, arming positions, arming times, etc., using anti-theft tags.

2. The main considerations for installing anti-theft products include three aspects:

Make the anti-theft soft label sticker more hidden, difficult to find, and can not be torn by the thief;

Easily use anti-theft soft tags to apply to more products and play a good anti-theft role;

By using a combination of soft and hard tags to improve the anti-theft effect, different commercial applications use different tags to reduce the workload.


Bohang EAS anti-theft system

3. Any management and execution are inseparable from the inspection, and there is no management without inspection. this point is very important. Store management personnel should regularly check product deployment. If the label is pasted correctly? Is the cargo damaged? Is the armed product correct? Whether the deployment rate is in compliance with standards, etc. It is necessary to arrange the store for rectification in time to find the problem.

4. Under normal circumstances, our EAS anti-theft system recovers 17 statistical data through the theft statistics table. This table does not reflect all the armed data we need. We can recreate an analysis form in the theft statistics table, which is used by headquarters and stores.

Bohang EAS anti-theft system

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