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How to install EAS alarm system for supermarket 【Bohang】

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Supermarket EAS alarm system which are with alarm interface, used to connect the alarm detector to determine the supermarket alarm situation. Supermarket alarm host according to the alarm detector signal analysis, analysis of the label frequency, when the frequency is consistent, the alarm will automatically alarm. And can effectively docking DVR, NVR and other video surveillance equipment, you can monitor the entrance area, is the core of the supermarket security system. But the supermarket alarm, after all, is a weak installation of the installation process in the process should pay attention to the normative matters, a list of precautions for all.


1, the supermarket EAS alarm system can not be installed and debugged after installation, because at that time, the best installation orientation and debugging frequency have been designed. Once the frequency of debugging and other parameters are changed freely, the detection rate and stability of the supermarket alarm will be changed.


2, when need to change and debug,the engineer and the factory will be responsible for changing or guiding the installation personnel changes, so that there is no influence of the use of anti-theft device.


3, when the supermarket want to install their own anti-theft alarm system, it must be qualified by the professional installation of weak construction engineer installation.Ensure safety and EAS system installation.


4, Before the supermarket anti-theft alarm system the construction, you should have the system, equipment layout, wiring, security plans, alarm host linkage logic instructions and other necessary technical documents.


7, supermarket anti-theft alarm system is completed, the weak installation company should complete the completion plans and completion reports, in order to ensure engineering inspection and maintenance.


8, The cables of anti-theft alarm system should be arranged neatly, not twisted, reduce the cross, if intersection,thick cable is on the bottom, the thin cable is on the top, different voltage cables should be bundled.


9, the line pipe is not convenient for direct laying in place, between the pipe line outlet terminal and equipment terminals, we must use metal hose connection, the cable shall not be exposed directly to the air.



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