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How to measure the quality of supermarket eas system?

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How to measure the quality of supermarket eas system?


Many businesses in the supermarket consulting our eas system, often really only concerned about the price, feel that the price is acceptable on their own line, for product performance this concern is very little. Some businesses in order to buy cheaper from online poor performance products, put into normal work after the supermarket eas system frequently false positives, omissions, to staff brought some unnecessary trouble. Therefore, when we choose to buy supermarket anti-theft equipment, we must measure the quality of the supermarket anti-theft eas system from the following points.

1. repeatedly test the detection rate of supermarket eas system.

Before the actual installation of equipment must be repeated testing, if there are many failures in the testing process, then, at this time the relevant installation distance and the surrounding environment should be properly adjusted, if after the adjustment is still unable to reduce the failure rate, then, this time the proposal is to follow the factory Consult or return goods.

2. Pay attention to the false positives in the work.

Any kind of supermarket anti-theft eas system may have a false alarm, resulting in a lot of reasons, but most of the reason is from the supermarket anti-theft eas system itself, if the machine itself is better, then the supermarket anti-theft device false alarm probability will be much lower, so, in the process of testing must be. Be careful.

3. Strong anti-interference capability.

For the supermarket anti-theft eas system should also choose strong anti-interference ability, anti-interference ability can effectively reduce the false alarm rate, if the supermarket anti-theft equipment has been false alarm, will bring unnecessary trouble to customers and staff.

4. The alarm sound of the eas system can not be too small.

The flow of people in the supermarket is relatively large, more noisy, if the purchase of anti-theft equipment sound is small, the relevant staff will not hear clearly, so ask the supermarket anti-theft equipment alarm louder.

5, after sales service

Any kind of product has a fault, for business owners, is to hope that equipment can not work properly when there are timely after-sales personnel door-to-door maintenance, as soon as possible to solve the problem and return to normal operation. Therefore, when choosing to buy supermarket anti-theft eas system, we must find regular, after-sales security companies to buy.

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