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How to prevent self-stealing in supermarket anti-theft system? [Bohang China]

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How to prevent self-stealing in supermarket anti-theft system? [Bohang China]


Supermarket anti-theft system has always been a big problem in the industry. The failure to do anti-theft measures will not only directly lead to the loss of supermarket profits, but also directly affect the profitability. Therefore, it is a difficult problem to prevent supermarket anti-theft system control. In recent years, statistics show that the damage caused by internal theft is higher than the loss of external theft. This fully shows that the prevention of internal theft is as important as the prevention of external theft. How can internal theft be prevented? Today Bohang China is here to help you solve this problem.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft system


supermarket anti-theft system should better prevent internal piracy. First of all, there must be surveillance equipment. The surveillance TV can be used to remind people in a prominent position, which can play a deterrent role and provide important evidence. You can also put some tips on it. The employee channel is equipped with an anti-theft device and arranges for the prevention of the loss prevention. The working attitude of the fixed-minded loss prevention officer plays an important role.


Secondly, supermarket anti-theft system should be burglar-proof for goods, and valuable goods should be limited in quantity. The warehouse is also the hardest hit area of the thieves, so the warehouse should check regularly for signs of internal thieves. The cashier is very special. Always check to see if there are any small accounts, and if there are any shopping carts and baskets missing, check the products, because there may be outsiders. Observe whether the cashier often misses scanning, pays acquaintances, and conducts honest training for cashiers to tell employees the importance of honesty. An honest person, a principled person is a good employee of the company. Once he discovers that the employee has been dishonest, he will directly dismiss him.


Bohang supermarket anti-theft system

The most important thing is to improve the loss prevention work of the shopping mall. It is not enough to rely solely on the advanced anti-theft system hardware. More importantly, it needs a group of high-quality, honest and reliable employees. Honest employees have a double benefit to the mall; it can avoid and reduce the occurrence of internal piracy, and ensure that employees can better complete the anti-theft work of the mall, thus playing the role of the combination of software and hardware.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft system

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