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How to prevent thieves in high-end luxury stores [Bohang China]

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How to prevent thieves in high-end luxury stores [Bohang China]

Founded in 2001, focused on the EAS solution for helping worldwide customers to decrease shoplifting, Bohang Electronic has done with the most endeavor and proved its success in the hard competition in the hard competition in the recent years. Today I still tell you about one of the types of shop anti-theft systems - the anti-theft of high-end luxury stores.


Luxury brands are brands that serve luxury goods. It is the highest ranked brand in the brand rating category. In life, luxury brands enjoy a very special market and a high social status. In the category of goods, the corresponding to luxury goods is the mass goods. Luxury goods are not only products that provide value for use, but also high value-added goods; luxury goods are not only products that provide tangible value, but also goods that provide intangible value. For luxury goods, its intangible value is often higher than the visible value.


Luxury is defined as “a consumer product with unique, scarce and rare features that exceeds the needs of people's survival and development”, also known as non-living necessities.

In economics, luxury goods refer to products with the highest ratio of value/quality relationship. From another point of view, luxury goods refer to products with the highest ratio of intangible value/tangible value relationship.


Today we mainly talk about the first one-anti theft for Fashion and leather goods. General luxury goods are extremely aesthetically pleasing, so consumers should not want to see EAS anti-theft system like ordinary stores placed at the door, like this.Luxury customers definitely want to be respected, so we can't put the anti-theft device on the ground, but we have to burglar, so we can choose the hidden underground antenna.The eas anti-theft system is invisible after it is installed.


As one of biggest EAS Manufacturers in China, Bohang offers the full range of EAS products: EAS RF/AM System, RF/AM Hard Tags, RF/AM Labels, RFID Tags, Etc; Equiped with the imported and self-developed automatic producing facilities, Bohang's daily output have reached 100,000 tagging products. Closely cooperated with customers abroad,Bohang has successfully built its customers’ relationship all over the world. Meanwhile, the professional and enthusiastic R&D team with advanced facilities and laboratory is always ready to provide customers with the most famous and fashion design products. With more than 10 years RFID experience, Bohang is with great passion and confidence to become your reliable Supplier.
Our products today sell well in the USA, Europe and South America and our company becomes the OEM supplier of domestic EAS factories.

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