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How to properly remove the eas anti-theft security tag [Bohang China]

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How to properly remove the eas anti-theft security tag [Bohang China]


The product electronic anti-theft system has a very crucial relationship with the work of the cashier. If a product with an eas anti-theft security tag has been paid, instead of removing the eas anti-theft security tag, the customer will trigger an alarm when detecting the antenna. Stop the inspection, but it will lead to the customer is very dissatisfied, there may be complaints, then how to properly and quickly remove the various eas anti-theft security tags as a supermarket cashier? Today, Bohang China will help you to summarize how the popular soft and hard tags are quickly and correctly released.


Bohang eas anti-theft security tag


As a cashier in a shopping mall, you must be responsible to the customer. This requires each cashier to do the following: 100% of the goods must be decoded after the purchase, and the commonly used anti-theft labels are soft labels and hard labels. For the correct release of the soft label, the general soft label decoding tool is the decoder (degausser), and the operation requirements are as follows:


1. First determine the location of the sensor tag on the product. If it is a hidden placement, the reference mark should be determined. Then, the side of the product with the label or reference mark is drawn as close as possible to the surface of the decoder board to ensure that the label can pass through the effective decoding area. (Most non-contact decoder decoding area is within 10cm from the decoder surface)


2. The soft label decoding must pass through the decoder board horizontally, and requires six faces (for large hexahedron products) to pass through the decoder board horizontally, in order to avoid a "dead angle" between the decoder board and the soft tag, waiting for the cashier Once you have mastered the decoding angle, you can reduce the number of passes.


3. The decoding speed is controlled in one item per second, which can't be too fast, otherwise the label decoding may not be complete.


4. When the eas soft label is decoded by the decoder board, the customer will cause the system to alarm by detecting the antenna when leaving. This indicates that the decoding is not successful. This may be because the cashier has a mistake in decoding; but if this situation occurs continuously, then The supervisor is notified in time to indicate that the decoding device is faulty.


Bohang eas anti-theft security tag


Eas anti-theft security tag are mostly used in clothing stores. The tools for unlocking hard labels are nail removers (unlockers). The specific operation requirements are as follows:


1. Hold the label on the product with the left hand, face up, and the convex part is aligned with the recessed center of the unlocker.


2. Place the label against the protruding part of the nail in the nail remover (unlocker), gently press the nail on the hard label with the right side, and then pull out the product. At this point the item can be separated from the hard label. The nail was taken down.


3. Remove the tag from the nail remover and remove the label nail from the product.


4. The removed hard tags and nails are placed separately, and can be properly stored for secondary use. Do not arbitrarily put them in order to avoid interference to the equipment and false alarms.

Bohang eas anti-theft security tag

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