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How to protect cosmetics from being stolen

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How to protect cosmetics from being stolen

Recently, we received a customer inquiry. After the customer confirmed the size of the cosmetic protection box, he immediately placed the order in large quantities, and asked for the delivery immediately. It turned out that the customer is doing professional purchasing, and in this year's shopping situation, it is necessary to apply for a business license to disconnect the cosmetics supermarket. But who wants to have a few pieces of cosmetics "missing" in a short time. And now the purchasing competition is fierce, small profits but quick turnover, and there is no higher cost to hire a lot of people to help, and think about it to find a cosmetic protection box that can protect cosmetics from being stolen.


The cosmetics protection box protects the inside of the box with a strong magnetic lock and an acrylic transparent box, and the product is firmly protected even in the display of the product. Due to the strong magnetic lock core, normal people cannot open. If the goods that carry the protective box directly leave, passing through the door is a warning sound, and everyone can notice. No longer afraid of expensive cosmetics being taken away by criminals! The protection box also greatly reduces the pressure on the customer, and no longer needs to look at every customer at all times. Originally, purchasing is not easy. It takes several countries to fly around. Often, some outbreaks need to be queued up to get the goods. If you don't pay attention, you will be taken away. It is really sad. With the protective box, you can finally reduce the pressure on the store.

The cosmetics protection box can solve the troubles of the cosmetics store owner. If other shop owners have similar troubles, you can also contact us. We will give you the most professional advice to solve your problem.

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