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How to protect red wine in the supermarket anti-theft

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How to protect red wine in the supermarket anti-theft

In supermarket operations, owners often find a lot of anti-theft problems, especially large supermarkets. The supermarkets are large in size, with many items and few people. Although monitoring is installed, monitoring can not catch thieves. It is only useful to retrieve monitoring when determining thieves. It is impossible to watch a 24-hour monitor, so we must pay great attention to the loss prevention issue. In the supermarket anti-theft is the valuables anti-theft, including milk powder, alcohol, health products, electronic products, etc., the price of such items are ranging from a few hundred to several thousand, the loss of a stolen one is relatively large, today Bo Hang will tell you about how to properly burglar liquor and red wine.


1. unpackaged liquor and wine burglar

This type of wine is usually not packaged and is often used for display purposes, but the price is not low. Only in the case of a bottle, the special anti-theft tag for the bottle can be used. This anti-theft buckle can be directly buckled at the opening of the bottle and is not easily opened. If you want to open it, you have to drink a bottle, so this type of supermarket anti-theft label works very well.

2. packaged liquor and wine burglar

Many wines are packaged, usually in cartons and wooden boxes. These bottles can be smuggled with soft labels, and the labels can be placed inside the bottle packaging without worrying about being taken out or attached to the packaging. The bottom is not easy to find, the anti-theft eas soft labels is the most commonly used in supermarket anti-theft.

Some wine bottles have different shapes and packagings. The anti-theft of such wines should be based on the situation to choose the appropriate anti-theft method. If you have some alcoholic anti-theft in your supermarket, you can always consult Bobo customer service to help you solve the problem. Supermarket anti-theft problem.

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