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How to remove clothing anti-theft security tag? [Bohang China]

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How to remove clothing anti-theft security tag? [Bohang China]


When we buy clothes, we often see that there are clothing anti-theft security tag on all kinds of goods. How do you remove these anti-theft magnetic deductions? The general clothing stores use the unlocker to take the buckle, but many people only know to use the unlocker, but if you use it correctly, you don't know, because you don't understand the principle, so today we will tell you about the how to remove clothing anti-theft security tag. Take it down correctly.


Bohang clothing anti-theft security tag

There are many kinds of anti-theft magnetic buckle styles, which are designed differently for different products. The most common ones are the small hoe buckle and the big hoe buckle. We have seen the milk powder buckle and the wine bottle buckle every day. We will find that it is useless to pull with the hand, of course, this is not related to the size of your strength. The internal structure of the clothing anti-theft security tag is composed of nails, springs, steel balls, coils and other accessories. When we use the anti-theft deduction, we use the internal nail three-ball cylinder lock cylinder to squeeze the steel needles into each other to form a The lock-like shape is about 530N. The force of the anti-theft magnetic buckle is very large. We can't open it with our hands.


 Bohang clothing anti-theft security tag


Here we need to use the clothing unlocker, it is essentially a strong magnetic, generally for the clothing anti-theft security tag is divided into a magnetic unlocking device and a strong magnetic unlocking device, the magnetic magnetic unlocking device is more magnetic, generally can reach more than 10,000 It is very easy to attract the marbles in the anti-theft buckle of the clothing, so that the nail has a space for activities. At this time, it is very easy for us to take it off by hand.

Bohang clothing anti-theft security tag

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