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How to remove security tag with ink and other hard tags

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How to remove security tag with ink and other hard tags

In daily life, we may encounter the situation that the AM anti-theft hard tag has not been solved after the clothes are bought. At this time, if there is a receipt, we can go to the store and let the service staff help to solve it. But if there is no receipt, how to security tag?


Bohang how to security tag

First determine if the hard tag is an ink hard tag, usually white or red and round, usually indicating that it contains red, pink or blue and yellow inks that may be combined. If you try to open it incorrectly, the tag will "explode" the thief, or your clothes will be discarded and you won't be able to wear it. Let's talk about how to get rid of the sound magnetic anti-theft buckle.


Method 1:

Use scissors, screwdrivers, high power magnets, knives or a pair of pliers. Place it on the table with a magnet and place the bottom of the hard tag face down on the magnet. You should hear it click. Operate the pin up and down, the sound magnetic anti-theft buckle should come out.


Bohang how to security tag

Method 2:

Use a lighter to melt the top of the cone on the ink hard tag. It should take about 15 seconds to scrape off the melted portion of the cone with a knife, then use a knife to eject the ball bearing and carefully eject the remaining ball bearings. Others should be easy to eject. Then slide the two safety hard tags off and the hard tags should be easily separated once the ball bearings disappear.


Method 3:

Use a flat-blade screwdriver on the rectangular hard tag to place the item on the table or floor with the rectangular piece facing up. Place the screwdriver along the edge of the raised area of the hard tag. Press down to pierce the plastic where the head is located. Repeat around the raised area until it can be removed. Pick up the screwdriver and lift a metal arm that you can see to keep the pin in place. The pin should slide over the hole so that you can safely separate the two labels.

Bohang how to security tag

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