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How to remove the anti-theft security tag without tool? [Bohang China]

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How to remove the anti-theft security tag without tool? [Bohang China]


The safety label on the garment is also known as the anti-theft security tag. It consists of a steel pin, a plastic case and a lock cylinder. The lock cylinder is actually a simple device consisting of three steel balls and a steel ring and a spring. Steel balls are usually spring loaded. In the closed state, the steel ball is tightly clamped in the gap of the steel needle when the steel needle is inserted, and the anti-theft security tag of the garment is mainly opened by the magnetic steel of 8000 GS or more, and the ball fixed by the three steels in the lock cylinder is sucked. gone. However, sometimes after purchasing the clothing, the anti-theft security tag is not removed, and I don't want to go to the clothing store so much. Today,Bohang China will tell you how to remove the anti-theft security tag without tool?


Bohang anti-theft security tag

The above is the principle of the anti-theft security tag. The following describes how to open the anti-theft security tag:


1. Look for the magnet to contact the lock of the anti-theft magnetic clasp. Slightly shake the anti-theft magnetic clasp so that the steel ball is completely in contact with the magnet and the steel pin is pulled out. Please note that when the magnet is in contact with the lock, do not force the steel pin, because if the ball is not attracted, the magnet will become tighter. After fully turning, pull out the steel needle as much as possible.


2. The previous steps are the same as the above steps. When the magnet is in contact with the lock, the hand holding the anti-theft magnetic clasp gently taps the magnet, then turns the anti-theft magnetic clasp, and then pulls the steel pin with the nail. Because the anti-theft security tag has been recycled for a long time, some steel balls are not so smooth, or they are rusty. The sensitivity has dropped.


 Bohang anti-theft security tag


Violent dismantling and violent dismantling are actually very simple. Simply lock the lock cylinder with the location of the fire. That is, the raised piece uses a tool to open a small gap to remove the spring, then pull the steel pin onto the table a few times and gently pull it out. The steel needle is very good. If the position of the fireproof lock cylinder is inconvenient, when the anti-theft security tag

is removed, the anti-theft security tag can be easily opened by the clamp because the small edge is hollow.

Bohang anti-theft security tag

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