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How to remove the clothing anti-theft eas hard tag?

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How to remove the clothing anti-theft eas hard tag?


Some people often take clothes home with anti-theft eas hard tag. They thought that they could easily unlock eas hard tags with a tool, but after a long time of tossing, the anti-theft eas hard tag could not be easily unlocked. So, how do we remove the clothing anti 

theft magnetic hard tag?

First we need to understand the composition of the anti-theft eas hard tag and its principle. Only by understanding these can you completely remove the anti-theft eas hard tag on your clothes. The anti-theft tag is composed of a steel needle, a plastic outer casing and a lock core. The lock cylinder is actually a simple device formed by three steel balls and a steel ring and a spring. The steel ball is normally closed by the spring thrust, and the steel ball is tight when the steel needle is inserted. Buckle in the gap of the steel needle. See the magnetic tag actually consists of the following parts.

How to unlock:

1、EAS detacher / nail remover:

Generally, the professional eas detacher can be used to unlock. When the top of the anti-theft tag is applied with strong magnetism (that is, we often see the nail remover at the supermarket cashier), the hoop and the small steel ball are strongly attracted and the compression spring moves up. So that the nail can be easily removed from the mouth. The anti-theft tag that has been unfastened by the nail remover can be reused.

2、Take violent demolition:

Violent dismantling is actually very simple. You only need to burn the position of the lock cylinder. It is the raised piece that opens a small gap with the tool to take out the spring. Then the steel pin is pulled up on the table a few times, and the steel pin is gently pulled out. . If it is not convenient to use the fire to burn the position of the lock cylinder, it is easy to open the button with the pliers on the edge of the button when the button is removed, because the edge has a small hollow. This method is generally not recommended, so that it is easy to damage the anti-theft tag and clothes.

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