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How to select and purchase the supermarket anti-theft eas system

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How to select and purchase the supermarket anti-theft eas system


With the continuous development of the market economy, the retail industry, such as supermarkets, clothing, bags and other retail industries, is growing, the market of commodity anti-theft eas system is rising, and many merchants have gradually become aware of the anti theft of goods in the times of keeping pace with the times. But when facing the dazzling brands and manufacturers, we can't help thinking of what to buy. Which product and service will be better? The supermarket anti-theft device, clothing type anti-theft device has also been very hot in recent years, many brand manufacturers, facing such a market, how should we effectively select the needs of the anti-theft device? Not only to achieve value for money, but also to meet the needs of product services.

Effective selection of clothing, luggage shops, supermarket anti-theft eas system, in the following aspects, you can probably know how to choose.

First, search for information and practical dry goods information related to commodity anti-theft eas system.

Through the network in a number of platforms to collect commodity theft related information, first of all, the seller's product information and pre-sale, after-sales service, this point!!! Many different brands and different types of supermarkets, clothing anti-theft devices, to understand their prices and differences, let the seller know that they know some of the market, if there is no understanding must call the seller, know their respective advantages and disadvantages of the goods than the three.

There is also a point is the business service, because the supermarket, clothing anti-theft eas system installation and maintenance to have professional personnel to handle, and the use of a higher frequency of the store, the use of long time will be damaged problems, this time needs to repair, so must buy after-sales maintenance service clothing anti-theft device, otherwise self. The cost of maintenance is very high.

After many comparisons, finally make the best choice.

Two, ask business friends to get purchase experience information.

If you don't want to do business, if you don't want to search from the Internet, you can ask friends from your friends. They will tell you how to use feelings and recommend some real and reliable anti-theft dealers, and the information you get is more reliable, but you can't believe it all, because it applies to it. Other people do not necessarily apply to their own, so you have to consider carefully, more than one, choose suitable for their own store anti-theft devices, but in the product's cost performance and service must be the most important.

If you choose a friend, you can buy it through a friend's presentation, so that the price will also have a certain discount.

Three. Visit the big supermarkets and clothing stores

Can go to each of the large business supermarket, clothing stores, bags and other shops to inquire, investigate, to see all kinds of shops in the clothing store in the doorway to give people a kind of feeling, in appearance in fact, you can see some of the quality of the process. If it is a friend's shop, you can directly inquire about the use of theft, price, service and other information, if it is not known to the store, try to ask some small and medium store owners, first set close, chat with the boss and chat, can talk about their own stores, and then naturally ask the sensitivity of the anti-theft device, false alarm rate. And the ability to resist interference, if you are not well asked, you can look at the brand and model of the supermarket anti-theft device, and check the information on the Internet, then the goods are compared to the others.

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