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How to set up a supermarket eas anti-theft system

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How to set up a supermarket eas anti-theft system

How to set up a eas anti-theft system in supermarkets? Bohang Electronics is a manufacturer dedicated to setting up a eas upermarket anti-theft system. It has been recognized and supported by users for many years. Today, Bohang Electronics introduces in detail how the supermarket sets up a supermarket anti-theft system, and hopes to help everyone.


There are mainly three anti-theft means: 1, supermarket monitoring 2, supermarket damage prevention 3, supermarket anti-theft access control equipment

Supermarket monitoring: The current supermarket eas anti-theft system will install monitoring closed-circuit electrical appliances, installed in supermarket entrances and exits, main passages, corners and other places. Supermarkets are generally equipped with a loss prevention office, and there are always people who are responsible for staring at the monitoring screen and watching the supermarket dynamics.

Supermarket Loss Prevention: The supermarket eas anti-theft system has a special anti-loss department, which is also a security department, in order to prevent the loss of the supermarket. General supermarket entrances and exits, checkout counters, gates, safe passages, and employee access have security guards. The supermarket is also equipped with plain clothes to prevent damage, and it is specially installed in the supermarket as a customer to catch thieves.

Supermarket anti-theft access control equipment: supermarket anti-theft system access control with magnetic eas anti-theft tag, after sticking to the merchandise, if the degaussing is not done by the cash register, it will trigger the anti-theft door alarm.

The above is a detailed introduction of how to set up a eas system for the supermarkets for everyone. We sincerely welcome customers to come to consult!

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