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How to solve the failure of the supermarket eas anti-theft system in use

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How to solve the failure of the supermarket eas anti-theft system in use


With the rapid development of shopping malls and supermarket chains, the phenomenon of commodity anti-theft has become increasingly serious, causing a lot of losses to businesses. With the advancement of anti-theft technology, more and more supermarkets use the EAS anti-theft system extensively, effectively preventing the loss of goods. Then, as the most effective EAS anti-theft system means - how should the AMc supermarket anti-theft system be installed and used? How to solve the problem of the supermarket eas anti-theft system in use? The following Bohang Electronics will introduce you in detail.

First, the supermarket anti-theft eas system security door does not alarm, first check whether the power is turned on, whether the plug is dropped; the eas hard tag will not cause an alarm when passing through the supermarket security door, you can use the eas hard tag to check the supermarket security door; Supermarket security system is susceptible to interference from metal objects. Check for metal objects around the security door of the supermarket.

Second, supermarket anti-theft eas system security door false alarm, supermarket security door is a proprietary power line, no other electrical equipment is allowed on the wire; the supermarket security door can not be used within two meters, otherwise it will Affect the alarm function; there can be no coil coil within ten meters, the coil will generate a certain magnetic field and affect the alarm; the checkout counter should keep a certain distance from the supermarket security door; the supermarket anti-theft system cooperates with the anti-theft tag to alarm, when there is a false alarm, check the surrounding There is no anti-theft tag; the anti-theft tag should be kept at a certain distance from the decoder, and the anti-theft tag is preferably stored in a metal case.

Third, the eas deactivator does not decode, check whether the power supply is powered; check whether the connection between the deactivator and the deactivator board under the checkout counter is intact. If there is a break, turn off the power and reconnect.

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