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How to solve the false alarm of the acrylic eas security gate[Bohang]

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How to solve the false alarm of the acrylic eas security gate[Bohang]


When the acrylic alarm is misreported, basically the customer has already completed the payment at the checkout counter, but when leaving, the alarm is falsely reported, which will make our customers feel very embarrassed, if it is caused by the supermarket itself. Improper handling of false positives will leave a bad impression on the customer. When the loss prevention personnel check whether the product has a label that has not been degaussed, it does not find it.


 Bohang acrylic eas security gate


What are the reasons for the failure of the acrylic eas security gate?

1.Acrylic eas security gate be longs to electromagnetic wave transmitting and receiving equipment, so it will receive the influence of large-scale electronic equipment. Large-scale electronic equipment will affect the frequency of the anti-theft device receiving, so that the wrong frequency will be falsely reported, so it is necessary to check the large-scale. The safe distance between the electronic device and the acrylic alarm prevents this from happening.


2.Supermarket goods are affixed with anti-theft sensor tags.The cashier should also degauss the soft and hard tags when scanning the price tag, the acrylic eas security gate will not trigger the self-sounding ring. However, it should be noted that some anti-theft magnetic strips not only need to be decoded, but also need to be degaussed on the demagnetizing plate, otherwise there will be a loud alarm.

Bohang acrylic eas security gate

3.Because some anti-theft sensor tags are very small, often thrown on the ground are difficult to find, so there may be lost anti-theft tags around the acrylic anti-theft device, causing an alarm.


Therefore, it is recommended that supermarket retailers pay attention to the layout of supermarket appliances, place appropriate positions, and choose an overall eas anti-theft system when selecting acrylic eas security gate. The management of supermarket anti-theft tags should also be strengthened. Place the label and make a mistake.

Bohang acrylic eas security gate

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