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How to solve the problem of radio frequency anti-theft system in work?

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    How to solve the problem of radio frequency anti-theft system in work?


     As thief's means of stealing things have become more sophisticated, theft prevention has gradually become more and more important. In order to avoid the economic loss caused by the theft of goods in stores, many businesses have installed anti-theft devices to their stores. Device. Because of the low cost and low price of radio frequency anti-theft systems, many small supermarkets, clothing stores, and stationery stores are now seeing the shadow of radio frequency anti-theft systems. But the anti-theft function of the anti-theft system of the radio frequency anti-theft system is not very strong, so some troubles appear inevitably in the work, how should solve the problem that the anti-theft system of the radio frequency anti-theft system works in the work?


    First, there is interference at the site, but no interference source or interference can be excluded

    Some shopping centers have a lot of interference sources. When this situation occurs in radio frequency anti-theft systems, the solution must first be a reasonable selection of the location where the radio frequency anti-theft system is installed. The installation site should be free from metal railings and metal doors to avoid interference. Second is to increase the sensitivity, and now the sensitivity of many RF anti-theft systems on the market is adjustable. To increase the sensitivity of RF anti-theft systems can greatly improve the anti-jamming capability of RF anti-theft devices.


    Second, the alarm delay

    Increase or decrease the center frequency of the launch pad, increase the sweep width of the launch pad, adjust the receiving plate to the manual state, and use a better quality label.


    Third, when working online

    The radio frequency anti-theft system includes antenna power supply, antenna mount and main board; generally speaking, the antenna rack has been strictly tested at the factory, and it is usually not damaged due to transportation. The power supply and the main board are different, so first we need to check. If the motherboard's plug and jumper cap are loose or fall off, check the motherboard and power supply to check if there are no problems. If there are multiple antennas at the site, swap the good motherboard and the bad motherboard. Constantly test the cause of poor alarm results.

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