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How to use clothing security tags to protect the clothing[Bohang China]

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Nowadays,with the economy developed,there are more and more clothing store have appeared,the incident of theft of clothing may also be more and more.But when we go to the clothing store, we often find that many stores use clothing security tags to burglar.Some clothes are relatively thin and easy to hide, they become the target of thieves.So if we learn how to use clothing security tags to anti-theft, it will reduce the probability of being stolen.



There are two types clothing security tags,one type is soft labels,the other one is hard tags.Firstly BOHANG will introduce the soft label for you.Non-woven soft labels are used more in closing,usually it is sewn in the clothes, it looks like a trademark, the concealment is better, the thief is not easy to find, so the anti-theft effect is better.When we purchase the clothing normally, the salesperson will decode the soft label after the checkout, and the clothing can safely pass the detection antenna. This kind of soft label is for one-time use, mainly used in shopping malls such as large supermarket stationery.



The other one clothing security tagis hard tags,it also used more.For example,if there are shoes,hats,sunglasses and other accessories,they must use hard tags to protect.The sunglasses have special sunglasses security tags to anti-theft and it need use special glasses tag remover to remove.But if you choose to use hard tags,you must pay attention to them,because the tag pin maybe damage the clothing.If you have enough budget,you can choose ink security tag to protect your clothing,it has double anti-theft effect.Pencil tags,mini square tags,golf tags are common use in clothing.The difference between a hard tag and a soft label is that it can be used repeatedly and repeatedly, saving money and convenience.After the belief introducing the clothing security tags from BOAHNG,now do you learn to how to choose and use the clothing security tags to protect your clothing store?


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