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How to use eas soft label anti-theft cosmetics[Bohang]?

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How to use eas soft label anti-theft cosmetics[Bohang]?


There are cosmetic areas in the supermarket. Many people don't know whether cosmetics have soft labels. In fact, this depends on the situation of each supermarket, because the size of cosmetics is relatively small, it is easy to be stolen, some people take it away and put it directly in their bag or pocket. Like hand cream, face cream, facial cleanser, essence, and cosmetics. It is very easy to be stolen, so if the supermarket find that the cosmetics are stolen after the inventory, they will use soft label attached to the product.



There are many ways to attach soft labels. Some are directly attached to the surface of the product, and some are stuck inside the package. It is difficult to find, and the concealing effect is good. Another is to use a hard tag with a wire rope. This is to wrap the eas hard tag directly on the cosmetic. The appearance may not be beautiful, but the anti-theft effect is the best. There are other methods to determine how to burglar according to the size, shape and appearance of cosmetics. It may be different for each supermarket. Therefore, the supermarket may be based on the situation of your own store.


Supermarket use labels are not fixed. Each supermarket will determine which products need to be burglared according to the results of each cycle inventory, because the time period for some goods being stolen is different, and some will change with the seasons.

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