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How to use eas soft labels correctly[Bohang]

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How to use eas soft label correctly[Bohang]


Firstly, the soft label placement

The soft label must be applied before the product is placed on the shelf, so that it is easy to grasp the ratio of the soft label placed, preventing the product from being repeatedly pasted and unattached.



Secondly,the soft label use precautions:


1, the cashier is easy to find and easy to decode operations (as much as possible to unify and reduce the scope of the label on the product)  

2, does not damage the goods (in order to prevent the illegal removal of the soft label, the soft label uses a very sticky adhesive, be careful not to stick to the leather goods, as this may cause damage to the surface)  

3, does not affect the appearance (soft labels should be attached to the goods or goods packaging, smooth and clean surface, while keeping the label straight)  

4, do not cover important information on the goods or packaging (do not put the soft label on the goods or packaging with important explanatory text, such as product ingredients, use methods, warning statements, size and barcode, production date, etc.)  

5, can not be flexed, the angle should be greater than 120 ° (the products of the curved label, such as bottled cosmetics, alcohol, washing supplies, etc., can be directly attached to the soft label on the arc surface, pay attention to the angle is greater than 120 °)  

6, metal packaging products can not be pasted (for tin foil or other metal products, can not be directly attached to the soft label, can be used with a handheld detector to find a reasonable adhesive site or choose other anti-theft ways)


Thirdly, how the cashier decode the soft label 

The cashier must be responsible to the customer, requiring each cashier to do: the goods after the payment must be 100% decoded

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