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How to use pencil tag with lanyard to protect the bags in supermarket[BOHANG CHINA]

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How to use pencil tag with lanyard to protect the bags in supermarket[BOHANG CHINA]

Anti-theft and loss prevention in supermarkets has always been a major problem in the supermarket industry.Faced with a wide variety of goods in the supermarket, corresponding anti-theft measures are also emerging.Before we introduce everyone how to protect the cups and chocolates,now we will teach everyone how to use pencil tag with lanyard to protect the bags?

Bohang pencil tag with lanyard

There are many types of bags such as luggage.They are small or big,the shape may be rectangular, square or round.At present, anti-theft measures are electronically monitored and personnel supervision.There are another anti-theft measures,that is attached with anti-theft tags on it,matched with EAS anti-theft device.The first two types of anti-theft measures are not introduced here.Such anti-loss measures are not effective when many people are shopping in the store.Let's focus on how to place the anti-theft tags on luggage and bags.If the bag is small,we can use mini pencil tag with lanyard.

Bohang pencil tag with lanyard

First of all, the method of placing anti-theft tags is not the same according to different shapes and sizes.Next we will introduce several commonly used luggage anti-theft tags placement methods.One is a smaller bag with a zipper,we can use the simplest hard tag to anti-theft.Using pencil tag with lanyard and go through the zipper.

Bohang pencil tag with lanyard

The second is a direct opening and closing bag without a zipper.In the face of this type of luggage, we can use a soft label directly on the inside page of the bag to prevent theft.If there is a box, you can stick it on the box.For some small bags, you can use a special anti-theft protection box.Putting the bag in the protection box can not only play a role in anti-theft, but also does not affect the appearance and can block certain dust pollution.please pay close attention to that,when some luggage comes out, the manufacturer will put the label inside the leather layer of the bag.so if you put the label when the luggage display on supermarket, it will be double-layer anti-theft.Of course,if can use pencil tag with lanyard,it is a good method to anti-theft.

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