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How to use spider wrap tag to protect your goods[Bohang China]

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  With the increasing popularity of clothing chain stores and self-selected supermarkets in China, the phenomenon of loss of goods has become increasingly serious.How to prevent theft of goods and protect the safety of shopping malls has attracted more and more attention from retailers. The electronic anti-theft system (EAS) of the shopping mall has changed the traditional man-to-management method, mainly based on technical defense. Because it can effectively prevent the loss of goods and improve economic benefits, it has gradually been recognized and accepted by the majority of merchants, and in the Chinese market. The application is becoming more widespread.

 Nowadays,we are familiar with common hard tags and soft labels,because we can see them at everywhere in the supermarket and clothing store,they are attached on the clothing and articles for daily use.But for a slightly larger object,how to protect it,so today BOHANG will introduce a new special tag-spider wrap tag for you.


  Firstly,BOHANG will introduce the spider wrap tag for you briefly,the appearance of the spider's self-sounding tag is a hard tag that is completely different from the appearance of other ordinary hard tags,the shape of the spider wrap tag is generally round.It is called a spider wrap tag because there are four anti-theft cords that can be extended. The length of the four anti-theft cords can be adjusted, and can reach 3 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters and customized longer, so it can be used for theft of very large items.

There are two types frequency,one is AM types-58khz,the other one is RF-8.2mhz,they are applied with the same type of EAS system.Customers can customize the color they like,black,white and gray is common.From the perspective of the alarm method,they can be divided into three types,one alarm,double alarm and triple alarm.one alarm is antenna alarm.double alarm is that if someone pick up the goods without payment and do not remove the attached the spider wrap tags,when they pass the antenna,the antenna will alarm,the spider wrap tag itself will also alarm,so the spider wrap is also called Self-sounding tag;If someone cut the safety line,it will alarms too;


  Secondly,BOHANG will introduce the performance characteristics of the spider wrap tag,It is made of high-strength ABS engineering plastics, combined with special anti-theft coils. So it is durable and has high sensitivity, and long service life.It can be widely used in related products such as department stores.it is stylish and generous, besides user-friendly design;It has Long battery life, and has high decibel alarm, can effective remind the clerk,then protect the goods in the store;Net pocket design, can comprehensive protection of goods.


  Thirdly,we will introduce the Instructions for use:

1,Using with the spider wrap tag removal,open it and follow the arrow indicated direction,release the protection line.

2, Put the item in the net pocket and let the protection lines be evenly distributed to each side of the product.

3,Tighten the protection line,fit the goods, but not too tight,then press the switch and the tag starts working;

4,Open the tag by spider wrap removal , close to the detacher Hanging switch, tag stops working (If it is mandatory to break the rope, it will trigger an alarm).

5,After the installation is completed, the goods should be placed in the correct way so as not to damage the goods.Then to achieve the good effect of protection for the goods.


Precautions when using spider wrap tags:

1,Do not place the tag around the anti-theft detection antenna(EAS system) during use, so as not to cause an alarm for the detection antenna.

2, spider wrap tag storage requires dry and ventilated to avoid moisture

3,This tag is a special unlocking device, don't lose it.

4,When installing the tag, pay attention to the strength so as not to pinch the goods.


  After learning from the instruction of how to use the spider wrap tag and performance characteristics and using precautions ,We already have some understanding with it.so now do you know what products are spider wrap tags suitable for?Only know this,you can choose right tags for your product in your store.You may have some Gift box of high-end liquor,red wine in your store, you need to show your package to your clients,if stolen, the loss is heavy,at this time you can choose the spider warp tag to burglar;For some gift boxes that are expensive but need to be displayed to customers Or some packages are slightly larger,Also for larger boxed products,large object, warehouse and supermarket store inventory anti-theft for packaging cartons,these products are all suitable for using spider wrap tag.

 Through the above introduction, we can understand that it is very necessary to use spider warp tags, but the price of spider wrap tags is much more expensive than ordinary tags.so they are generally used in high-priced electronic products or other high-end products.If you want to protect your goods in your store or your warehouse,if you have enough budget for your store security,If you want to avoid incidents of self-stealing for your store or warehouse,please take the spider wrap tag into consideration.

 The emergence of spider tags makes EAS anti-theft level come into a higher level. In addition to the anti-theft alarm function with ordinary hard tags, it also has its own disconnection self-sounding function, which can quickly attract the attention of the clerk and thus reduce the rate of theft, and the tag with the rope can also avoid damage to the products.


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