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Install EAS clothing anti-theft system [Bohang]

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Is it necessary for clothing stores to install EAS anti-theft system? Whether or not to install anti-theft system depends on the specific situation of the clothing store.

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1. High-grade clothing stores

We recommend this kind of clothing store to install EAS anti-theft system.

Specialized clothing stores have large area, large passenger flow, and relatively high cost of clothing. Once clothes are stolen, the loss is great, so we should install EAS anti-theft system.

2. Ordinary clothing stores, but more traffic

  This kind of clothing stores do not have enough service staff to receive them because of the large passenger flow. If you don't install anti-theft apparel devices, the long-term losses will far exceed the price of anti-theft equipment. This kind of clothing store is also recommended to install, the price can choose the middle-grade price of the anti-theft device.

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3. Ordinary and exquisite small clothing stores do not have many clothes.

This kind of small and delicate clothing store is very common in our daily life. The clothing store is very small in size and it usually only needs two or three service personnel, and there are not many customers. Therefore, it is generally not necessary to install garment burglar alarm, and it is best to install it as recommended by a slightly larger store, otherwise it is not recommended to install it.  

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