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Installation and precautions of China supermarket AM anti-theft door alarm system [Bohang China]

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Installation and precautions of China supermarket AM anti-theft door alarm system [Bohang China]

Nowadays,with the science and technology are increasingly developed, and everything is about efficiency. The traditional anti-theft method of retail stores using human resources to monitor shopping malls is no longer suitable. The application of supermarket anti-theft systems is very common. So, do you know what is the installation and precautions of the China supermarket AM anti-theft door alarm system?

Bohang supermarket AM anti-theft door alarm system

Some people will say that the RF supermarket alarm is also very good,why should everyone choose supermarket AM anti-theft door alarm system?

1. The characteristics of the AM system are high anti-theft detection rate, almost zero false alarm, good anti-interference, and the protection export width can reach 3.5 m. There are two kinds of anti-theft tags, which can protect most types of goods in the mall. And can degaussing repeatedly, even if the system is still working properly next to the POS cash register.

2. The tuning fork only causes resonance when the oscillation frequency is the same. AM system is the application of this physical principle to achieve almost zero false alarm operation. When the AM system tag fixed on the commodity enters the detection area of the system, it will resonate, but only receive at the receiver. The alarm is issued after four consecutive resonance signals (every 1/50th of a second).

3. AM systems include vertical systems, channel systems and concealed systems. There are more than 10 models to choose. They can be widely used in department stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, audio-visual stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, and also in Office building and other environments.

4. RF anti-theft device installation location requirements are relatively high.Do not install the supermarket RF alarm within 0.5 meters of the metal door or within 1 meter of any metal object. Metal objects include metal studs, display shelves, metal display cases, metal shopping carts, etc. Supermarket anti-theft devices should not be installed within 2 meters from cash registers, credit card identification devices, telephones, computers, data cables, neon lights, air conditioners and heaters.But supermarket AM anti-theft door alarm system is no problem,location requirements are relatively less stringent.

Bohang supermarket AM anti-theft door alarm system

Now everyone should pay close attention on that installation and precautions of China supermarket AM anti-theft door alarm system.

1. Supermarket AM anti-theft door alarm system must not be exposed to the sun, nor can they be placed in places where the temperature is too high, humidity, chemical corrosion and too much dust. In order to ensure the quality of the project, it is necessary to first investigate the source of the interference. If it cannot be eliminated, install the machine away from the interference source.

2. Do not operate live during the installation of the supermarket AM anti-theft door alarm system.When all the connections have been connected, it is necessary to repeatedly check the installation and the line is correct, so that it can be powered.

3. When the supermarket AM anti-theft door alarm system is energized, if abnormality is found, the power should be cut off immediately, and then the power can be turned on after the fault is eliminated.

4.Please be sure to wire according to the requirements specified in the wiring diagram. Do not connect incorrectly and the wiring should be firm.Try to remove the extra wires in installing.

5.Can not be powered by regulators, generators, and UPS.Because the regulator, generator and UPS are part of the intermittent power supply is not the specified (yes) power supply, can not reach the standard power supply. Therefore, it will cause a sensitivity interference to the main body of the AM anti-theft door alarm system to cause leakage/false alarms. Seriously, it can also cause the device to burn out. All AM alarm devices must be powered off when installing wiring. Otherwise it is easy to burn out the master and detector matching boards.

Bohang supermarket AM anti-theft door alarm system

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