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Installation of anti-theft systems for supermarket notes [Bohang]

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Installation of anti-theft systems for supermarket notes [Bohang]


With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay special attention to the safety of supermarkets, and a large number of anti-theft systems for supermarket is applied to daily life. When installing the anti-theft systems for supermarket, pay attention to the aesthetics of the supermarket. Therefore, when installing the anti-theft systems for supermarket, the requirements for aesthetics are generally high. At the same time, the inspection spacing is required to be wide. According to the size of the store and the layout of the doorway, it is generally recommended to install the pair. The back side of the door that opens the door. A more aesthetically pleasing acrylic antenna mount is recommended if the budget allows.


Bohang anti-theft systems for supermarket


When the supermarket chooses the anti-theft systems for supermarket, it is recommended to use the AM EAS anti-theft system, because the acoustic magnetic anti-theft system has a wider detection interval than the RF anti-theft system, and the label appearance is relatively small, which is more concealed. A supermarket anti-theft door is installed at the exit of the supermarket. All the goods in the supermarket are affixed with anti-theft tags. The cashier uses a nail remover to deal with the items, and the cashier removes the label. When the customer takes the product with the anti-theft buckle, an alarm sounds at the exit where the anti-theft antenna is placed, which can prevent the theft from happening in time.


Bohang anti-theft systems for supermarket 


1. When designing the plan, we must fully consider the image of the store, and we must ensure the beauty of the store;

2. The installation location of the anti-theft systems for supermarket must be reasonable, to ensure the normal circulation of personnel and goods;

3. Facilitate the handling of the police by security personnel;

4. Ensure that goods are effectively protected;


When installing a supermarket anti-theft door, the supermarket is generally recommended to be installed at the back of the door, which does not affect the customer's line of sight and does not affect the entry and exit of the goods. If there is no special situation, it is generally not recommended to install within 3 meters of the elevator.

Bohang anti-theft systems for supermarket

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