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Introduction of concealed buried eas anti-theft system

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Introduction of concealed buried eas anti-theft system

In the anti-theft of goods, the most popular ones are the AM anti-theft eas system and the RF anti-theft eas system. These two kinds are widely used in supermarket anti-theft and clothing anti-theft , but only a small part of them know the concealed buried anti-theft eas system. The AM anti-theft system uses the frequency of the acoustic magnetic system at 58KHz. The buried anti-theft system is the one with the highest detection rate and the most stable performance in the commodity anti-theft system. But it also has shortcomings. In view of the fact that there are fewer hidden hidden anti-theft devices, today Xiaobian introduces you to its advantages and disadvantages.


1. The installation conditions are strict. The ground anti-theft device must be installed before the store is refurbished, as it needs to be installed under the floor so it needs to be installed before laying the floor. It can also be installed after the renovation, but it is necessary to open the floor or floor tiles, but the installation process is rather cumbersome, so the merchant who wants to install the ground burglar should learn about it in advance.

2. The price is higher than the vertical AM eas system. The best price for ground burglar protection is not low, the price is higher than the vertical antenna, but the use time is long, if the budget is enough, there is hope that the quality is guaranteed to choose the sound magnetic buried burglar system is still a good choice.


1. The hidden ground anti-theft device has a high detection rate and can be stable. As long as the anti-theft tag has no problem, its detection rate can reach 99.5%, and its anti-interference performance is stronger than that of ordinary acoustic magnetic equipment, and the performance is very stable. It is better than the vertical antenna of the first training US.

2. It is an anti-theft eas system hidden in the ground. You can't see it on the facade of the store. Its antenna is installed underground. Some stores do not want customers because of the high-grade positioning of the goods and the layout of the store. The anti-theft antenna can be seen, and the buried system can solve this problem perfectly.

3, the anti-theft shock is strong! Some thieves saw that there were no anti-theft devices at the entrance of the store, and the label was still relatively hidden. They thought that the store did not install anti-theft devices, and they daringly carried out the theft. However, when they arrived at the door, they were exposed. The situation of catching the thief would be very The power of shock also makes other people who steal.

I also understand the concealed anti-theft eas system. You can decide what type of anti-theft device to install according to your own situation and budget. Sometimes the budget is enough, but you should also decide the type of anti-theft eas system to be installed according to the store's situation and plan. Of course, this is a relatively simple introduction. If you want to know more about the embedded anti-theft system, you can ask Nanjing Bohang Electronics to answer all the anti-theft problems and design a reasonable anti-theft solution for you.

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