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Introduction to the knowledge of security alarm for clothing [Bohang]

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Introduction to the knowledge of security alarm for clothing [Bohang]


With the development of society, theft prevention is becoming more and more important, and the means of thieves stealing things are becoming more and more sophisticated. In order to protect the interests and avoid economic losses, many stores have installed security alarm for clothing, so that some criminals who want to get something for nothing To the role of warning, in the case of normal business, when the clothing store's clothing theft rate is higher than five thousandths, the clothing store operators cannot develop normally. Since the economic benefits of clothing stores are also greatly affected, security alarm for clothing is installed to reduce these losses.


 Bohang security alarm for clothing


Anti-theft has always been the most sensitive and difficult problem in the apparel industry. And theft is a social phenomenon that we cannot eliminate, but how can we reduce this phenomenon to a minimum? First of all, we are required to strengthen the awareness of theft, full participation, strengthen the responsibility of the work, and establish a sense of responsibility of the owner. Anti-theft is to work hard on small details, use the security alarm for clothing to do the overall anti-theft, and then develop some small anti-theft rules, in order to play a good effect.


 Bohang security alarm for clothing


When customers buy clothes, they don't panic, they have a series of understandings about clothes, choose the clothes that they need close to his consumption level, and the thieves are different. When they choose clothes, they are absent-minded and look around. Choose clothes as a cover, observe the movement around, and see if you can take advantage of it. Compared with customers, they tend to sneak in the middle of the mall to find the corners of the clothing store to collect clothes, and then walk out of the cashier if nothing happens. So they showed a strong randomness when they bought clothes.

Bohang security alarm for clothing

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