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Is it good to choose the AM anti-theft eas system for the supermarket or the RF anti-theft eas system?

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Is it good to choose the AM anti-theft eas system for the supermarket or the RF anti-theft eas system?

Supermarket anti-theft eas system is now an indispensable part of supermarket anti-theft devices. More and more merchants choose to install supermarket anti-theft system at their outlets in order to reduce the loss rate of goods in stores. Although the commonly used supermarket anti-theft device has two kinds of RF anti-theft eas system and AM anti-theft eas system, but our merchants will still hesitate when purchasing the supermarket anti-theft devices. Do you know whether it is the RF anti-theft system or the AM anti-theft system?

First, let's take a look at the difference between the RF anti-theft system and the AM anti-theft system.

 1. From the price point of concern of the merchants, the RF anti-theft system is much cheaper than the AM anti-theft system. If your capital budget requires it, you can consider purchasing an RF system alarm system.

 2. In terms of anti-interference, the anti-interference ability of the AM anti-theft system is far better than that of the radio frequency anti-theft system. The radio frequency anti-theft system is extremely susceptible to metal shielding, and metal objects next to it are also very easy to interfere with the radio frequency anti-theft system. The sound magnetic anti-theft system uses ultra-low frequency technology and is not easily interfered by the external environment.

 3. From the level of false alarm rate, the AM anti-theft system transmits RF waves at a frequency of 58KHz, using soft and hard tags with a natural frequency of 58KHz, so the false alarm rate is relatively low and almost zero, and the RF anti-theft system The rate of false positives is slightly higher.

Second, combined with the situation of their own supermarkets is to install the AM anti-theft system or the radio frequency anti-theft system:

   1. If your supermarket is small in size, the type of goods in the store is wrong, and the traffic is not a lot of small supermarkets. You can choose to install the RF anti-theft system.

   2. If your supermarket has a large area and a large number of passengers, large supermarkets, it is best to install an acoustic magnetic anti-theft system. Because there are many varieties of anti-theft products in large supermarkets, you need a more powerful acoustic magnetic field. Anti-theft system to prevent theft.

   3, according to the environment around the supermarket is also determined. Because the RF anti-theft system is extremely susceptible to metal interference, if there is a large electronic device around the supermarket security door, or the next-door shop is also equipped with a radio frequency alarm, then your store is best not to install it, which will affect the label. Detecting frequency brings unnecessary trouble.

    The installation of the supermarket anti-theft device is to protect the goods in the store from being smuggled by the thief. If we do not play the role of escorting the goods because of our improper purchase, then the installation means lost. Therefore, when we buy a supermarket anti-theft device, we must combine the actual situation of the store and the characteristics of the equipment to purchase a real suit for ourselves.

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