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Is the anti-shoplifting system for supermarket really useful?[Bohang China]

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Is the anti-shoplifting system for supermarket really useful?[Bohang China]

The loss rate of supermarket goods is still relatively large compared to other stores, because the types of goods in supermarkets are numerous and messy, which gives thieves a chance. Anti-shoplifting system for supermarket is particularly important. Many supermarkets have installed this key device----the supermarket anti-theft device. It can be said that the supermarket anti-theft device propped up the entire anti-theft system. So is it really useful to install a anti-shoplifting system for supermarket?


 Bohang anti-shoplifting system for supermarket


Let's take a look at how the anti-shoplifting system for supermarket works.

It is important to know that supermarket anti-theft devices are not alone. They need to work together with other equipment. It is often necessary to use it with the supermarket anti-theft deduction. In the supermarket anti-theft deduction, the principle of magnetism is used, and the magnetic field is used to detect the anti-theft. When the anti-theft deduction enters the signal field, it will react. After the induction signal is confirmed multiple times, if the goods with or without degaussing are passed through the anti-shoplifting system for supermarket, the anti-shoplifting system for supermarket will be triggered by the alarm device, and an audible and visual alarm will be issued. This is the basic principle of theft prevention.

Knowing the principle of the anti-shoplifting system for supermarket, some people began to question the quality of the supermarket anti-theft deduction, worried that the thief opened the anti-theft deduction, easy to take away the goods. Then, let's take a look at the situation of the anti-theft deduction, whether the thief can open the anti-theft deduction.


 Bohang anti-shoplifting system for supermarket


The composition and principle of the anti-theft security tag


The inside of the anti-theft buckle is composed of spring, iron ring and iron ball. The lock core is a pure steel solid lock core. The pulling force is above 48KG. It is not easy to remove it. Its main principle is to use the spring to press the iron ring, then press the iron ball, and the iron column finally squeezes the dark buckle to fix it. We all know that magnetic energy attracts iron, and the supermarket opens the anti-theft buckle to attract the strong magnetic force, thus unlocking the anti-theft buckle on the product.

Bohang anti-shoplifting system for supermarket

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