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Is the anti-theft eas soft label in the anti-theft eas system a one-time? [Bohang]

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Is the anti-theft eas soft label in the anti-theft eas system a one-time? [Bohang]


The society is constantly developing and progressing, and people's anti-theft meanings are becoming higher and higher. Security gate alarms are installed in major shopping malls and supermarkets.Customers who have just contacted the electronic anti-theft  eas system of the product often ask whether the anti-theft eas soft label can not be used after degaussing. Let's combine it with the other ones and sort out some relevant knowledge points for your reference.


eas soft label

Inductive eas soft labels are classified into hard eas soft labels, soft eas soft labels, and other specialized eas soft labels based on performance.


The hard label consists of a label nail and a hard label, mainly protecting the knitted fabric, etc.; the soft label is shaped like a barcode, and is mainly used for washing small articles such as chemical products; the special label is mainly used to protect some special commodities, such as milk powder labels and wine bottle labels. , protective box, wire rope, etc.


Hard eas soft label picking operation (with magnetic picker to take the label)


  1. Hold the label on the product with the left hand, face up and the convex part is aligned with the center of the nail remover.


  2. Let the label stick to the nail remover, gently press the nail on the label with your hand, and then pull out the product.


  3. Remove the label from the nail remover and remove the label from the product.


Soft eas soft label decoding operation


  1. Determine the location of the inductive label on the product. If it is a hidden mark, the reference mark should be determined, and then the side of the product with the label or the reference mark should be drawn as close as possible to the surface of the release plate to ensure that the label can pass through the effective decoding area.


  2, the decoding speed is controlled in one item per second, not too fast, otherwise the label decoding may not be complete.


  3. When a valid soft eas soft label passes through the decoding area, some decoders may emit a beepshort tone prompt, the indicator light changes from red to green (the part of the decoder board has a lighter), and the acousto-magnetic decoder may have vibration. sense.


  4. If the normal decoding operation does not hear the sound or only emits a short tone indicating normal decoding, the continuous short tone indicates that the decoding operation is not performed properly.


eas soft label

From the above decoding operation, we can easily see that all the soft labels, whether you are a radio frequency or an acousto-magnetic soft label, can not be reused as long as they are decoded. The hard label of the supermarket anti-theft buckle is only through professional equipment (needle remover, unlocker) It can be removed from the merchandise without destroying the anti-theft magnetic clasp, so the hard magnetic clasp in any anti-theft eas system system can be reused.

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