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Is the anti-theft soft label and barcode the same tag? [Bohang China]

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Is the anti-theft soft label and barcode the same tag? [Bohang China]


Everyone knows the supermarket alarm. Is the anti-theft soft label and barcode in the supermarket anti-theft device the same type of label? What are their respective functions? What are the effects of supermarket anti-theft? Let's briefly introduce the contact between the following!


Bohang anti-theft soft label


The first thing we need to understand first is that the barcode in the supermarket does not have any anti-theft function. It only has a payment settlement function, which can directly scan out the price when paying. So the anti-theft soft label and the barcode are completely different labels, and all products will have a barcode, but not all products have a branch label.


Anti-theft soft labels are actually an integral part of the supermarket anti-theft system. They are divided into soft tags and hard tags. Soft tags are one-time use items. Hard tags can be reused for a long time, but neither of them has payment settlement function. When the customer settles the tagged item, the staff will degauss the item or remove the hard tag. If there is no such operation, the alarm will alarm.


 Bohang anti-theft soft label

The goods in the supermarket do not all have anti-theft functions. The supermarket will selectively attach anti-theft soft labels or anti-theft deductions to the merchandise according to the number of stolen goods in the past. Moreover, some anti-theft soft label paste positions are hidden, and most people can't see them, so there is no chance of stealing things, and some expensive items will be hard-labeled. The probability of being stolen is even smaller. The tag will alarm if it is not degaussed or removed through the security door.

Bohang anti-theft soft label

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