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Is the paper code of the supermarket cosmetics sticker anti-theft? [Bohang China]

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Is the paper code of the supermarket cosmetics sticker anti-theft? [Bohang China]


When you are visiting a cosmetics store, you may find that whether it is a small or a large cosmetic, there is a paper code on the box, and this paper code is generally used for payment when the cashier scans for product information. In addition to storing product information, is the paper code of supermarket cosmetics posted anti-theft? Today, Bohang China will take everyone together to find the answer.


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The paper code on the cosmetics is not an ordinary paper code, but an electronic label, which mainly serves as a product identification function. Each product has a barcode type, and each barcode is divided into several number fields, each number field It is the country, region, manufacturer and serial number of the product. The bar code can be scanned by the scanner. If the system is installed on the mainframe, after scanning the product file, you can know some main information of the product, such as price, manufacturer, shelf area and so on.


In addition to the main product identification, electronic tags have a certain anti-theft effect. If the goods with electronic tags are not subjected to the degaussing process of the cashier, when the goods pass through the exit of the store, they will be detected by the anti-theft device on both sides of the door to trigger an alarm. Compared with the traditional form of paper labels, the goods are displayed in the merchandise. In the process, the price of the commodity changes frequently, and the paper replacement is troublesome. 

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After the electronic label is replaced, the price change of the commodity can be processed more quickly, the original card sleeve and the label are repeatedly input, and the workload of the employee is greatly reduced. . Moreover, its information capacity is larger, data can be updated at any time, and can be read and written. Compared with the bar code, it does not need linear alignment scanning, and the reading and writing speed is faster, and multi-target recognition and motion recognition can be performed. Therefore, the paper code of the supermarket cosmetics sticker is used for theft prevention, but it is only one of its functions. Its main function is to store the product information and facilitate the identification of the staff.

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