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Is the supermarket anti-theft device really useful?【Bohang】

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Is the supermarket anti-theft device really useful?


The loss rate of supermarket goods is larger than other stores, because there are many kinds of goods in supermarkets, which gives the thieves an opportunity. And the supermarket anti-theft equipment is particularly important, many supermarkets have installed this key device - the supermarket anti-theft device, can be said that the supermarket anti-theft device supports the whole anti-theft system. Is it really useful to install the supermarket anti-theft device?

Let's take a look at the working principle of the supermarket anti-theft device.

We should know that the supermarket security device is not alone, it needs to work with other devices. Often need to use with the supermarket anti-theft buckles, in the supermarket burglar burglar buckles in the use of the principle of magnetic, the use of magnetic field induction to carry out anti-theft, anti-theft buckles into the signal field, will have a reaction. When the induction signal is repeatedly confirmed, if there is no degaussing commodity through the supermarket anti-theft device, the supermarket anti-theft device will be triggered alarm device, emit sound and light alarm, this is the basic principle of anti-theft.

Knowing the principles of supermarket anti-theft devices, some people began to question the quality of supermarket anti theft buckles, and worried that thieves broke the anti-theft buckle and took the goods easily. Then, let's look at the situation of the anti-theft button together, and whether the thief can turn on the anti-theft button.

The composition and principle of anti-theft buckles

The inner of the burglar guard is made up of spring, iron ring and iron bead. The lock core is a pure steel solid lock core, and the tension is above 48KG. It is not easy to dismantle the core. Its main principle is to press the iron ring by spring, then press the iron bead, and the iron column finally presses the buckle to fix it. We all know that magnetic energy attracts iron, and the use of strong magnetic force to attract antitheft buttons is a way to unlock the products.

Some people will think that since the strong magnetic force is used to open the anti-theft button, will the thief take a strong magnet? I can only say that what you think is too simple, because different burglar buckles are different in magnetic strength and need to be equipped with the same magnetic equipment for normal release. Supermarkets will use different kinds of anti-theft buckles and matching unlocking devices, so the only way to unlock is to find a cashier.

Is the supermarket anti-theft device really useful? After reading the contents compiled by Bohang, we should believe that the supermarket anti-theft device can play a role of escorting the products in your store. If you want to know more about our supermarket burglar alarm, please consult our website online customer service, 24 hours to serve you!

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