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Is the supermarket eas anti-theft alarm system harmful to the body? [Bohang China]

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Is the supermarket eas anti-theft alarm system harmful to the body? [Bohang China]


Supermarket eas anti-theft alarm system should not be unfamiliar to everyone, life can be seen in many places, it can help the store to effectively prevent theft and anti-theft, the anti-theft device recently Bohang China was attracted by several problems, like supermarket Is the anti-theft device harmful to the body? Will there be radiation? This kind of question about personal safety and health has always been of concern to people. After consulting the relevant engineering and technical personnel, Bohang China got the answer. Let's share it with everyone.


 Bohang supermarket eas anti-theft alarm system


At present, the principle of the more popular supermarket eas anti-theft alarm system is mostly the principle of magnetic induction. Generally speaking, the magnetic label will be on the merchandise. When paying, the cashier will remove the magnetic properties of the label. If not, the product will be When the anti-theft antenna is passed, the label will move the magnetic sensing line in the magnetic sensing area between the two antennas, so that the current sensing device of the door is energized, and then the alarm is triggered, and nothing is generated during the whole process. Toxic gases, high-voltage currents and other conditions that endanger the human body, this can not be compared with X-rays and nuclear magnetic resonance in hospitals. The supermarket eas anti-theft alarm system is a small working process, and the process is harmless to the body.

In addition, when it comes to supermarket eas anti-theft alarm systems, there is no radiation problem. We must first understand the safety standards of electromagnetic radiation. The first-level standard (safety standard has no effect on the human body): high-frequency radiation is less than 10 μW/cm2, low-frequency radiation. Less than 10 V/m; secondary standard (intermediate zone, which can have harmful effects on the human body): high frequency radiation is less than 40 μW/cm2, and low frequency radiation is less than 25 V/m. 

Bohang supermarket eas anti-theft alarm system

Like the household appliances in our homes, there are electromagnetic radiation, and televisions, computers, hair dryers, mobile phones, microwave ovens, etc. all have radiation. The TV is within half a meter of the front, and the radiation generated by the normal start-up is 0.12μT; the radiation value during normal viewing is 0.126μT, and the radiation value within half a meter can reach 2.4μT. Any electronic product has radiation, and supermarket eas anti-theft alarm systems are also available, but they are tiny and will not be harmful to the body.

Bohang supermarket eas anti-theft alarm system

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