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Is there a false alarm in the stores anti-theft security system? [Bohang China]

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Is there a false alarm in the stores anti-theft security system? [Bohang China]


Today, Bohang China introduces you to several types of false positives that may be encountered in stores anti-theft security system. The antenna does not alarm: Check if the antenna is powered (whether the power switch is on and the plug is off). Use a eas hard tag to test whether the antenna is alarmed (because sometimes the test soft tag used may have been decoded; or the soft tag is damaged; or the soft tag is a metal packaged product. In this case the antenna is not alarmed). Check for large metal objects in the vicinity of the antenna, such as: lockers, freezers, etc. If you want to move it away.



Stores anti-theft security system error: no other electrical equipment is allowed on the antenna power supply line. Have an electrician check the main gate of the power distribution room and use other electrical equipment. Check for electrical equipment within 2 meters of the antenna. (such as lockers, money counters, punch machines, doll machines, freezers, rice cookers, etc., the lines of these devices can not form a ring). Rolling coils are not allowed within 10 meters around the antenna. In particular, the network cable of the POS machine is not allowed to form a ring. If the checkout is not repaired or not used, the network cable should be straightened. (It should be straightened as much as possible on the hoist). There is no wiring board and 380V strong wires in the near distance.


The checkout counter should not be too close to the antenna, otherwise it will cause false positives. Check if there is a label on the counter item near the antenna. The hard tag recycled by the checkout counter should not be too close to the decoder. Hard labels should be stored in metal boxes as much as possible. The stores anti-theft security system decoder does not decode: the power is not turned on, and the plug is not plugged in. The code power light is on and the decoder board is not decoded: this phenomenon is generally caused by the connection of the decoder to the decoder board under the cash register. Have the electrician turn off the power and reconnect the wiring.


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