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Is there any difference between the security tag and barcode in supermarket security

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Is there any difference between the security tag and barcode in supermarket security?


1, First of all, the barcode in the supermarket has no anti-theft function. Only the payment and settlement functions can directly sweep out the price when payment is convenient. If there is no anti-theft tag on the product, it will not alarm if you take the merchandise out of the supermarket alarm door.

2, The anti-theft label is a part of the anti-theft system in the supermarket, the large category on the soft label and hard tag, the soft label is a disposable item, the hard tag can be used for a long time, but these two have not paid the settlement function. When customers settle a label with a label, the staff will degaussing or taking hard labels, and if they do not go out, the burglar alarm will be called when you go out.

3,The country's economic development is good now, but the thief has not changed a bit!! If you do not do a good job in anti-theft system, the loss will be more and more. So now medium-sized supermarkets and large supermarkets have installed monitoring and anti-theft alarm, the effect is some, otherwise these supermarket chains will not spend the money, long term investment is worth. But for small supermarkets and convenience stores, it is not recommended to install. The cost is not cost-effective.

4, Supermarkets and all commodities will have anti-theft functions, supermarkets will be selected in accordance with the number of stolen goods on the previous inventory of goods on the goods on the anti theft labels or burglar buckles. And some anti-theft soft sticker position is very hidden, the general people can not see, so do not exist to steal the fluke of the heart still some expensive items will be loaded hard label, the probability of theft is smaller. Tags will be alerting as long as they are not degaussing or removed through security doors.

5, Although the supermarket has done a lot of efforts in anti-theft, but the phenomenon of stolen goods will often have, supermarkets will review and inventory the goods every other time. Compared to the previous, the standardization of anti-theft goods is still a lot of space, I hope the government will be able to impose great efforts on the penalty of theft in supermarkets. This society will never be short of greedy and cheap people. Only by constantly regulating the restraint system can we reduce these behaviors.

The type of the anti-theft device in the supermarket is not much, mainly in the performance of the anti-theft device and the installation of the engineer on the installation, these two can be done well, the later use of the anti-theft device will be very good, sometimes the quality of the anti-theft device is very good, the engineer did not debug well, then it will also cause the misinformation of the supermarket anti-theft device. Therefore, it is best to choose more experienced anti-theft device merchant installation.

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