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It is embarrassing that EAS supermarket system always alarm

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It is embarrassing that EAS supermarket system always alarm


I had paid for the goods I bought, but when I walked through the EAS supermarket system at the supermarket entrance,the alarm kept "dripping" and was stopped by security guards. I felt embarrassed to be treated as a thief.

Not long ago, a family of three went to the supermarket. They had already paid for all the items they chose. But when they got to the exit of the supermarket, the EAS supermarket system kept ringing. The staff stopped them immediately.They were embarrassed. Later, after checking,the staff found that the reason is actually their wallet,there were too many cards in the wallet, the magnetism is relatively strong, leading to the EAS supermarket system ringing.In the end, the staff of the supermarket apologized to them.

We believe that everyone encountered the EAS supermarket system false, some supermarket cashiers negligently forgot to unlock the eas tags, some are disturbed, resulting in the EAS supermarket system ringing. In fact,the EAS supermarket system can not distinguish whether the goods that consumers take out belong to the supermarket or not, it only identifies the goods with magnetism, so the goods with magnetism on the customers may "trigger" the EAS supermarket system at the supermarket door.

For business owners, they install the EAS supermarket system to protect the safety of goods in the store, reduce the loss rate of goods, reduce labor costs.At present, there are two kinds of the EAS supermarket system on the market: radio frequency eas system and acoustic magnetic eas system. Although the price of the EAS supermarket system of eas RF system is cheaper, its anti-interference is relatively weak when it is used with eas soft label. If you use eas soft labels in the anti-theft process of your goods, it is recommended to buy a sound and magnetic eas anti-theft system of supermarket anti-theft device, detection rate can reach 99%, false alarm rate is almost zero.

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