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Knowledge points on the installation of supermarket security eas system

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Knowledge points on the installation of supermarket security eas system [Bohang]


Supermarket security eas system refers to the electronic security door that is used in supermarkets, shopping malls and other places. Mainly used to prevent theft and protect property.


 supermarket security eas system


1. The supermarket security eas system must not be exposed to the sun, nor can they be placed in places where the temperature is too high, humidity, chemical corrosion and too much dust. In order to ensure the quality of the project, it is necessary to first investigate the source of the interference. If it cannot be eliminated, install the machine away from the interference source.


2, RF detector power box uses 10A two pole with grounding plug, in order to avoid interference with other electrical appliances, should be powered by a separate AC220V power supply, the power outlet must be a 10A pole with a safety standard with a grounding socket.


3. When the supermarket security door is energized, if abnormality is found, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and then the power can be turned on after the fault is eliminated.


4. Do not operate with electricity during the process of installing the supermarket security door.


5. When all the connections have been connected, it is necessary to repeatedly check the installation and the line is correct, so that it can be powered.


 supermarket security eas system


Do not install the supermarket security door within 0.5 meters of the metal door or within 1 meter of any metal object. Metal objects include metal studs, display shelves, metal display cases, metal shopping carts, etc. supermarket security eas system must not be installed within 2 meters of cash registers, credit card identification devices, telephones, computers, data cables, neon lights, air conditioners and heaters.

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