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Lanyard in anti-theft security tag [Bohang]

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Lanyard in anti-theft security tag [Bohang]


In the supermarkets and clothing stores, electronic anti-theft eas security gates are usually installed. Correspondingly, anti-theft tags need to be installed. The anti-theft hard tag is also called anti-theft security tag. There are many types of anti-theft security tags. The structure of the internal magnetic bars is also Various types, this is also to adapt to different goods. There is also a kind of anti-theft lanyard in the anti-theft security tag. Everyone often sees less, but the flexibility of the lanyard with the anti-theft deduction is very high. Many bags, clothing, supermarket items, etc. can not directly install the anti-theft security tag. Instead of a nail cap, it is also more flexible and convenient to use.


 Bohang lanyard in anti-theft security tag


The use of the anti-theft lanyard is also very simple. The principle is the same as that of the anti-theft nail cap. The method of use is the same. Put the anti-theft magnetic clasp in the unlocking position of the unlocker, the lanyard will fall off automatically, and the lanyard is easy to store. Not as easy to lose as a nail cap. The length is often between 15-20cm, which can be applied to most products, and the lanyard can be customized for individual products that are not applicable.


 Bohang lanyard in anti-theft security tag


If you still feel trouble in the process of using the lanyard, you can directly use the anti-theft security tag with lanyard, the lanyard is directly connected to the magnetic buckle, do not need to take it off. This anti-theft security tag can be used directly and conveniently for some merchants.

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