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Learn these 5 strokes to choose the anti theft device for shops, the anti-theft effect is better [Bohang China]

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Learn these 5 strokes to choose the anti theft device for shops, the anti-theft effect is better [Bohang China]


Nowadays, the quality of anti theft device for shopss on the market is uneven. Some commercial advertisements are very loud, but the quality of the products is not good enough. After the installation of the equipment, there are often reports of false negatives, false positives, self-sounding, etc., which cannot be used normally. Therefore, we must do repeated tests when actually installing and changing equipment, and make appropriate adjustments according to the environment of the site and the actual installation distance of the store. If the equipment still cannot work normally after adjustment, then you should contact the manufacturer to request return and exchange. Therefore, when choosing  anti -heft device for shops, we must master the following five major measures.


 Bohang anti theft device for shops 


1. Anti theft device for shops detection rate is high

There are two types of anti-theft labels for general supermarkets. One is soft label and the other is hard label. Because these two labels are very different, the detection effect and distance requirements are also different. The detection distance is short, so we must pay attention to whether there is a blind zone during the test, and whether the label can normally alarm when passing the position in the middle of the device. The detection rate of general supermarket alarms is over 90%.


2. Choose a device with a low false positive rate of almost zero

Any kind of anti theft device for shops may have false positives, which causes many problems. However, most of the reasons are from the anti theft device for shops itself. If the performance of the machine itself is better, then the probability of false positives will occur. It will be much lower, so be sure to pay attention during the testing process.


3. Listening to the alarm sound is not big

The supermarket is a place with a large flow of people. The environment is noisy. If the sound of the alarm device is relatively small, it is difficult for the relevant personnel to hear. Therefore, we try to choose the equipment with large alarm sounds when purchasing anti theft device for shopss. Now there are sound and light alarms on the market, and merchants can choose the right one according to the situation.


Bohang anti theft device for shops

4.Strong anti-interference ability

For anti theft device for shopss, you should also choose strong anti-interference ability, which can avoid false alarms of equipment. If the anti-theft devices installed frequently have false positives, it will bring unnecessary trouble to consumers and staff. Therefore, the important point when we purchase equipment is that we should choose equipment with strong anti-interference ability.


5. After-sales service:

No matter how good the equipment is in use, there will be some failures more or less. For the business owner, after the equipment has problems, I hope that someone can solve the problem in a short time and restore the normal operation of the supermarket. Therefore, choose an after-sales service. Manufacturers are very important.


In addition, the installation of anti theft device for shopss can not be ignored, it is recommended that manufacturers arrange professional installation staff to install, adjust and so on. Because some details of the equipment in the installation project, if not noticed, the equipment after installation will often have false negatives, false positives, etc.

Bohang anti theft device for shops

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