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Let us learn how to remove the anti-theft EAS tags attached on the clothing[BOHANG]

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Let us learn how to remove the anti-theft EAS tags attached on the clothing[BOHANG]


Many people like to go shopping when they are free, go shopping at clothing stores to buy clothes.We often find that most of the garments with EAS safety tags to burglar,we may be wondering, can the anti-theft EAS tag protect the clothes well and will it damage the clothing,if we are a clothing store owner,how to use it?As a consumer, how can we not damage clothes when we try on clothes?Now BOHANG electronics will introduce you some important point and you must pay close attention on it.


Bohang anti-theft EAS tag

Before we learn to how to remove the anti-theft EAS tags attached on the clothing,we need to know some knowledge of the EAS system.Firstly we need to learn the composition of the anti-theft EAS safety tags and its principle.The anti-theft EAS safety tag is made up of plastic shell,tag pin and ferrite.If you want to use good quality anti-theft EAS tag,the plastic shell need to be bright,The quality of pure copper ferrite is much better than that of copper-clad aluminum ferrite.The tag pin are divided into 16mm and 19mm,if your tag pin size is bigger,you need to choose 19mm,if your tag pin size is smaller,you need to choose 16mm.After learning this knowledge,we know that if you want to remove the anti-theft EAS tags easily and do not damage the clothing,we need to use the professional security tag remover.The security tag remover contain general magnetic tag remover and strong magnetic tag remover.For common anti-theft EAS safety tags,like pencil tags,small square tags, general magnetic tag remover can open it easily,if like ink tags,self-sounding tags,these need to use strong magnetic tag remover to remove it,before they have high magnetic force.


Bohang anti-theft EAS tag

Now,please follow the steps as below:First, use the anti-theft EAS tag on the left hand-held product. Face up and the convex part is aligned with the recessed part of the tag remover;Then, the anti-theft EAS tag clings to the protruding part and sticks to the pit of the tag remover. At this time, the inner steel ball of the label lock core receives the principle of the same-sex attraction of the tag remover, and gently presses the right side with the tag remover. Pull the staples on the hard tag and pull the item out. At this time, the product can be separated from the hard tag, and the tag pin on the tag remover is removed.Remove the anti-theft EAS tag from the tag remover and remove the tag pin from the product.The hard tags and tag pin that have been removed are placed separately and can be properly kept.

Bohang anti-theft EAS tag

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