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Magnetic EAS Detacher Anti Theft Hard Tag Unlocking Device for Clothing Store Security

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Magnetic EAS Detacher Anti Theft Hard Tag Unlocking Device for Clothing Store Security

  • BH608
  • BoHang
  • BH608
  • 73×47×35 mm
  • Oxidation of aluminum alloy
  • -10°C—60°C

Product Description

Product specification

Product type                         BH608 tag detacher

Product material                   aluminum alloy oxidation

Surface technology               sandblasting oxidation / plating

Central magnetic force          8500-9000

High magnetic force             10500-11000

Product size                           73 x 47 x 35mm

Built in                                   magnetic column

Appearance                           silver white (color customizable)

Applicable scope               Supermarket anti-theft, clothing anti-theft, shopping center anti-theft, chain                                                   drugstore  anti-theft, fur line anti-theft, library anti-theft, cosmetics store anti-theft,                                         bookstore anti-theft, shoe store anti-theft, all kinds of amusement park anti-theft                                             and Book audio-visual anti-theft stores.

Usage method

1. First of all, use the anti-theft tag (anti-theft buckle) on the left hand-held goods, face up, protruding part of the lock opener (nail remover) into the concave part.

2. Then stick the anti-theft tag close to the protruding part into the pit of the nail retriever. At this time, the steel beads inside the tag lock core will receive the same-sex suction principle of the nail retriever. Use the right hand to gently press the nail on the hard label, and then pull the goods outward. At this time, the goods can be separated from the hard labels, and the nails on the anti-theft buttons are taken off.

3. Remove the tag from the nail remover and remove the label from the merchandise.

4.Remove the hard tags and nails separately and keep them well.

Deactivator usage steps

1.Connect the power supply line and the special power supply of the degaussing device, connect the connected power supply line with the interface of the degaussing device.

2.Plug in the power supply and place the label within 12 cm above the degaussing device. The degaussing device will emit dripping sound and the light will turn red, indicating that the label has been degaussed and can pass through the detection door normally.

After-sale service

1. BoHang EAS degaussing deactivator equipment all year quality problems free replacement. The quality problem can be returned within one month, and the original package will be returned unconditionally within one month.

2,.when buying, provide training services free of charge. Provide technical support and telephone consultation 4008-865-922 all the year round.

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