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On the necessity of the installation of clothing anti-theft device [Bohang China]

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On the necessity of the installation of clothing anti-theft device [Bohang China]


In daily life, when you visit supermarkets, clothing stores, shopping malls, you will find some clothing anti-theft device at the door of the store. The popular application of the anti-theft device not only makes up for some defects of the monitoring equipment, but also controls the intensity. Loss prevention, then shops that are prone to theft, such as clothing stores, is it really useful to install the anti-theft system? Today Bohang China will discuss the necessity of installing the clothing anti-theft device.


 Bohang clothing anti-theft device


For clothing stores, theft of clothing is an unavoidable problem. The phenomenon of theft is not only widespread but also very serious. The emergence of anti-theft devices has solved this problem for many merchants. This is an example of the whole market, rather than a family saying that it is good, so the advantages of the clothing anti-theft device appear:


1. It can effectively reduce the possibility of clothing loss. Because the anti-theft device can automatically alarm, some thieves cannot steal.


2. It can save the expenses of hiring staff. After using the clothing store anti-theft device, the staff can be reduced. It is not necessary to worry that the staff is too small and the problem of clothing and clothing is lost.


3. No matter the size of the store, the rate can be used. Some stores are too small, and consumers are crowded when they enter. At this time, it is easy to hinder the staff's attention, and individual consumers will have theft. The larger the store is not in the field of vision. It is also a problem to look at the surveillance image and not serve every consumer. With a clothing alarm, it is much easier.


Bohang clothing anti-theft device

In the past, I always heard the staff complaining. On the one hand, we must increase sales. On the other hand, we must lose the embankment clothes at all times, and there will often be confusion and inefficiency. When there are no effective measures to solve this problem when there are clothes lost, some bosses even deduct the staff's salary with the loss of clothes, so the staff is nervous all day. Nowadays, the clothing store anti-theft device has an audible and visual alarm. If it is found that there is clothes being carried out, the anti-theft device will immediately make a sound, prompting the staff member who is just out] to take the clothes. 

If it is a normal purchase, after the degaussing treatment, no prompt sound will be emitted. This method can not only increase the work efficiency of the staff, but also greatly improve the service quality of the clothing store. Therefore, it is necessary to install clothing anti-theft device in clothing stores.

Bohang clothing anti-theft device

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