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Pay Attention to Supermarkets Anti-theft and damage prevention?[Bohang China]

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   With the development of social economy, the increasing number of supermarkets, the expansion of business scope and operation scale, the social security situation is becoming more and more complex. If supermarkets want to gain advantages in competition, one of the key management points that can not be ignored is to find ways to reduce the loss of goods in the process of operation. However, the serious phenomenon of supermarket anti-theft has caused a sharp rise in the unnatural loss of goods and high operating costs, seriously affecting the business income of supermarkets. Therefore, strengthening the anti-loss and anti-theft measures of supermarkets has attracted wide attention in the retail industry. This also means that supermarkets should pay more attention to the anti-damage and anti-theft of supermarkets while constantly paying attention to how to improve sales.文章图片2
  Successful retail enterprises are like a mature and excellent team. Operational purchasing plays an offensive role and defensive role. Every player can combine offense and defense. Only such a team can be invincible.Supermarket anti-theft management, first of all, should get rid of the misunderstanding that "loss prevention is a matter of professional departments or related personnel and has nothing to do with themselves". From the manager down to the general staff, everyone is a damage prevention staff. In addition, supermarkets should carry out the six-character policy of "training, notification and inspection" throughout the process of anti-theft. All employees should take part in the training of commodity security knowledge of the anti-damage department, familiarize themselves with the theft mentality and motivation of the thieves, find out the law of their activities, clarify their respective anti-theft priorities, and comprehensively enhance the staff's awareness of prevention. Damage prevention departments should regularly inform all employees of theft incidents in supermarkets, so that everyone can keep abreast of the trends of anti-theft management in supermarkets and give timely rewards to those who have made outstanding contributions. Supermarket management can make cosmetics irregularly. As well as the small size, high value of easily lost goods for inspection, timely detection of theft-proof loopholes, to prevent in the future. At the same time, I recommend that supermarkets can attack and check each other from time to time. Statistics show that the loss caused by internal theft is higher than that caused by external theft, which fully shows that preventing internal theft is as important as preventing external theft. Honest employees have dual benefits for shopping malls: they can not only avoid and reduce the occurrence of internal theft, but also ensure that employees can better complete the anti-theft work of shopping malls. Emphasis on the concealment of damage prevention work.超市1
  Generally speaking, large and medium-sized supermarkets have security departments or damage prevention departments, whose functions are divided into internal protection and external protection. External protection is generally performed by professional police personnel, while internal protection is composed of staff plain clothes. Internal insurance personnel work is very important, but also has risks. Therefore, the internal security personnel should pay attention to three points in the store:.
1. Should greet the staff at will so as not to alarm the suspect.

2. In addition, professionals should actively cooperate closely with local public security organs, strengthen the anti-damage efforts of the stores, and enrich the high-quality personnel with strong thinking, professional proficiency and career ambition to the front line of anti-damage.

3. Demonstrating the Advancement of Anti-theft Equipment
At present, there are many anti-theft devices in supermarkets, so it is very important to choose appropriate anti-theft equipment. Most of the larger supermarkets choose anti-theft systems of electronic goods with excellent performance. Of course, before choosing the equipment, supermarkets should inspect the performance of the equipment, compare and demonstrate repeatedly, and make a choice on the basis of weighing the advantages and disadvantages of adaptability, effect, quality, price, after-sales service and so on. As the saying goes, EAS systems with low cost and poor performance often fail to report or misreport.It often brings many troubles to supermarkets and customers. Advanced equipment is the natural enemy of habitual theft, which is what supermarket managers pursue.

4. Pay attention to detail loss.
Supermarket wastage is not only limited to theft, but also order wastage, harvest wastage, handling wastage, stacking wastage, inventory wastage, cash receipt wastage, time wastage, price wastage and so on. Therefore, supermarkets should timely grasp the loss situation, do a good job in every link of loss prevention, and implement targeted protection measures, then it is possible to minimize the loss of their own goods. In order to obtain satisfactory returns.

  In a word, if supermarkets want to remain invincible in the same industry, they need to establish relevant measures to prevent damage, learn and study the work and methods of anti-theft, improve the effectiveness of work, ensure the safety of commodities, and enhance the profits of supermarkets.


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